Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Womens Clothing: Tips on How To Hide Your Flab

Let's admit it, all girls have one thing in common, they look for ways to look slim  in  womens clothing. Although some go on a diet or cut down on their food intake, others go for exercise routines, but a lot of times these routines don't actually work. Most women today would like to look slimmer and taller on womens clothing. A lot of girls would glance longingly on their weighing scale and hoping their flabs would just magically disappear. What people don't know is that womens clothing can be altered just to fit their body type. You can then look slimmer in an instant.

Ways to Look Slim (Without Exercise!)
First of all always remember to flunt your assets! This will draw other people's attention away from those flabby parts of your body and what's more?, it will give you a slimmer look! You can try to avoid wide and broad belts if you have a large waist or belly. Not all were born with great legs, but if you have nice one, go ahead and wear that knee length skirt and pair it with plain shirt to bring more attention to your gorgeous legs.

Top-heavy women, try to avoid clingy fabrics as top. Buy more darker colored shirts You can go and shop for for tops with raglan sleeve or anything that fits loose and slim down your hips. Buy thin materials like cotton or cotton jersey for your top . Another tip to look slim would definitely be the using of one-color on your dress. This is to slim down your overall silhouette. So if you have nice looking legs, then go wear knee length skirt to draw the attention away from your top. loud colors and shiny shirts are a no no. This kind of womens clothing reflect light and will make you look bigger.

Womens clothing are available in different shapes and sizes. So that is why finding the right cut or style to flatter your body may not always be as difficult. Apply these tips to look slimmer in an instant. This should absolutely help you get your new look without the sweat!